Custom shaped translucent ceiling fabrication is achieved by the use of our translucent membrane and provides fantastic design possibilities creating bright white or colorful lighting effects. Our translucent membrane is an excellent material for ceiling illumination projects; offering back-lighting, front or rear projection, all while stimulating a unique environment for any room. The translucent membrane used has approximately 65% transparency rate and provides absolutely even diffusion if installed according to factory specifications.

Our creative lighting fixtures often use closer positioning of a light source to achieve hot spot effect which in turn allows us to produce unique design patterns. Nearly any kind of lighting can be used with translucent membranes including but not limited to fluorescent, cold cathode, and fiber optics. Effects can be produced with color changing led’s. Many of our projects are installed with Color Kinetics LED system.

Any custom translucent ceilings fabrication project consists of aluminum non-corrosive profiles and a translucent UL classified membrane. The frames can be demountable or permanently attached; the membrane is always removable in either configuration. Additionally the membrane could be screen printed, inkjet printed or painted for company logos and a variety of art works.