Smart Ceilings is offering endless possibility for  our  customers, which include hotels, restaurants and banquet halls, fitness centers, corporate offices, trade shows, shopping centers, retail stores, entertainment facilities and many others. The following galley showcases only some of our business projects examples, and aims to introduce you to the variety of tasks that can be accomplished using stretch ceiling technology.
Stretch ceilings offer huge potential to all commercial ceiling applications. With our extensive range of color choices, finishes and ability to form shapes you have an opportunity to create 3 dimensional ceiling designs as well as conventional flat designs.
Stretch ceilings fit all types of commercial ceiling applications including Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Theaters, Galleries, Fitness Facilities, Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Offices, Museums, Churches and many other places. Our stretch ceilings can be custom fabricated and offered in over 100 colors and finishes such as translucent (lighting applications), lacquered (mirror like), matte, satin, metallic and perforated.
For acoustical applications we offer specially designed micro perforated stretch ceilings that are available in all of our finishes and colors.