Where the stretch ceiling system is used?
The range of applications is practically unlimited: from apartments and houses to offices, hotels, pools, restaurants, boutiques and concert halls. The broadest range of colors and finishes (mirror, matte, metallic, satin and translucent) provides an enormous opportunity for construction and remodeling.
Stretch ceiling is a ceiling system that consists of two basic components – a concealed aluminum track (lightweight and fully recyclable) and vinyl membrane which stretches and clips into the track. The ceiling is made of heavy-duty vinyl polymers (often called membrane) directly at the factory upon exact measurements taken from the room or drawings. Stretch ceilings can only be mounted by factory trained and certified installers that specialize in this kind of ceiling installations. Stretch ceiling materials correspond to the international and US requirements of ecology, food and fire safety. Stretch ceiling system finishes available in matte, satin, lacquered (reflective), metallic, translucent and perforated finishes. There are over 100 colors to choose from.
The stretch ceiling system is fast to create. It does not demand preliminary preparation and, can hide any imperfections of existing  ceiling, it can update and refresh the interior of any room.
Ceiling is a unique place in our houses and commercial facilities which has not been touched until recently by the hand of the architects. White or colorful, flat or curvy – these are all the characteristics of stretch ceiling. Nevertheless, it has been waiting for its time and now it is ready to express the individuality of the owner. At this time, the most fashionable interior solutions in the World achieved by using stretch ceiling system.